Grant Application

Date issued: August 15, 2001

Closing Date for Applications Each Year: October 5 and January 31

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To reach THE FIELD PSYCH TRUST use the address below or the following e-mail address:

Telephone: Grant Applicants Information Line: 770-834-8143
Please leave your name, telephone number, and the best time to call you. A knowledgeable person will return your call as soon as possible.



To provide grant monies for promising graduate students exploring the history, contributions and further development of Perceptual (Field) Psychology in relationship to the research and writings of Arthur W. Combs, Ph.D.

NOTE: Send one original and 5 copies to THE FIELD PSYCH TRUST c/o Anne C. Richards, Trustee, 301 Dixie Street, Carrollton, GA 30117. THE FIELD PSYCH TRUST will NOT accept proposals received by facsimile or electronic mail. At its discretion, THE FIELD PSYCH TRUST may accept proposals that are postmarked 5 days before the closing date even if they have not been received in the office of THE FIELD PSYCH TRUST by the deadline. Applicants are urged to submit their proposals well in advance of the deadline to avoid rejection due to lack of timeliness.

APPLICATION PROPOSAL        Last Revised: 11-17-10

Relevant Background and Personal Information

    1. Full Name:
    2. Mailing address:
    3. Country of citizenship and/or lawful permanent residence:
    4. Phones number(s) – day and evening:
    5. E-mail address:of person submitting this proposal. BE SURE TO NOTIFY THE FIELD PSYCH TRUST within 5 days of any change in the above information.
    6. Academic History
      List all colleges/universities attended (name, city, state)
      Provide major field(s) of study as well as type and year of degree(s) received.________________________________________________________
      ________________________________________________________[Specify title of current degree program, department name, institution, and institutional address]


    7. Work History
      Summarize employer names and addresses; job title(s); dates with employer; duties.
      Summarize honors, accomplishments and any special related qualifications.
    8. Community Service History
      [Include names(s) of organization(s), location(s), date(s) of service]
    9. Provide a concise summary of the problem that interests you and the purpose of your study.
    10. Explain what led you to make application to THE FIELD PSYCH TRUST for this study.
    11. Provide a brief explanation describing how your academic, work, and community service history has equipped you to carry out your proposed project or would contribute to your effectiveness in carrying out this project.
    12. On a separate page, provide Itemized Budget Request, plus narrative explaining rationale or justification for specific budget items.
    13. On a separate page, provide anticipated list of activities and time-line for completion of this project. Indicate start and end dates for this project [preferably no longer than one year]
    14. Provide name, address, phone number and e-mail address of two persons whom we might contact for additional information regarding your project and qualifications for carrying out this project. Ask one of these persons, considered your faculty “sponsor,” to write a letter in support of your proposal and your qualifications for carrying it out.This letter should note whether the proposal in question has been or is expected to be approved by any applicable faculty committee (e.g., an IRB), and will be conducted as detailed in the application. Enclose this with your application.
    15. Explain the thoughts, ideas, concepts, assumptions and beliefs that have guided you in the development of this proposal. In short, what is the conceptual framework which underlies your proposal?