Legacy Writing Competition

Persons interested in submitting papers for consideration in the Arthur W. Combs Legacy Writing Competition should send them via regular mail to:

301 Dixie Street
Carrollton, GA  30117

Deadline for submissions:  June 3rd of each year.

Submissions should include a cover sheet with the following information.  This sheet will not be forwarded to persons serving on the review panel.

– Name of author(s).  [NOTE:  If a paper by multiple authors wins this contest, honorarium will be divided accordingly.]

– Mailing address for author(s).

– Email address for author(s).

– Name of institution(s) in which author(s) are currently enrolled for graduate study.

– Name of program(s) in which author(s) are currently enrolled for graduate study.

Papers will be evaluated through a competitive review process.  A review panel composed of former students of Dr. Arthur W. Combs will read and evaluate papers received according to the following criteria:

– Demonstrates substance, conceptual quality and clarity in its understanding of Perceptual Psychology/Field Psychology.

– Addresses matters of consequence to the human condition.

– Fosters and/or supports the mission of THE FIELD PSYCH TRUST.

– Follows American Psychological Association (APA) style guidelines.